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«The Letter» is a piece of music designed to approach disappearance. To create it, a single 22-minute recording, incorporating piano, field recordings, electronics, and voice, was transferred to one side of a Maxell Communicator Series C45 cassette. This initial cassette was then duplicated onto another cassette, which was in turn duplicated onto still another cassette, and so on. With each generation of this iterative process, a certain amount of deterioration was introduced in the audio fidelity of the recording. This procedure was repeated until 100 unique artifacts had been produced.


This limited-edition release comprises 100 unlabeled, hand-duplicated cassettes, each accompanied by a copy of the score that inspired the piece (“Abscission” 2015), a photograph, and a brief explanatory text. Copies of the release will be issued strictly in sequence.





Recorded 1989-2015
Assembled by JCM in Chicago 2015
























The Botticellian Trees

William Carlos Williams



   The alphabet of

   the trees


   is fading in the

   song of the leaves


   the crossing

   bars of the tin


   letters that spelled



   and the cold have been illuminated



   pointed green


   by the rain and sun–

   The strict simple


   principles of

   straight branches


   are being modified

   by pinched-out


   ifs of color, devout



   the smiles of love–

   … …

   until the script



   move as a woman’s

   limbs under cloth


   and praise from secrecy

   quick with desire


   love’s ascendancy

   in summer–


   In summer the song

   sings itself


   above the muffled words– 





Joseph Clayton Mills Is a musician, artist, and writer who lives and works in Chicago, where his collaborators have included Adam Sonderberg and Steven Hess (as Haptic), Michael Vallera (as Maar), Noé Cuéllar (as Partial), Sylvain Chaveau, Jason Stein, Michael Pisaro, and Olivia Block, among many others. His recordings have appeared on numerous labels, including Another Timbre, FSS, and Entr’acte. In 2013, in collaboration with Noé Cuéllar, he launched the label Suppedaneum to focus on releasing scores and their realizations.