“‘Endless Overtones in Relational Space’ is a modular score intended to create further scores and investigations into a simple idea. Any individual desiring to realize the piece may create their own personal score that explores any number of dissonant connections between fundamental pitches and their overtones.

For this disc, I created three different realizations: two with solo instruments and sine tones, and one with an ensemble of instruments. The versions for solo instruments and sine tones are minimal to the point that the listener can clearly hear the relations being explored. During the ensemble performances, the connections are often obscured and made increasingly complex through the addition of instrumental overtone spectrums.

The concept of this piece can be infinitely extrapolated and used in any means that the performer(s) desire.  It can be combined with other ideas and developed into further pieces. My recent research has led to the creation of pieces that utilize this technique in juxtaposition with other compositional approaches and techniques.”

—Morgan Evans-Weiler



This release comprises an archival CD-R with realizations of «Endless Overtones in Relational Space» for violin, ensemble, and piano; copies of the notated score for each of the three versions; an accompanying text to guide performance; two drawings by Evans-Weiler, giving a visual representation of the overtone patterns generated by the piece for ensemble; and an additional informational sheet providing credits and track listing.

1. Violin [19:12]
2. Ensemble (1) [7:14]
3. Ensemble (2) [6:53]
4. Ensemble (3) [7:26]
5. Ensemble (4) [7:11]
6. Piano [19:45]
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Violin performed by Morgan Evans-Weiler (violin, sine tones). Recorded @ Studio 1.

Ensemble (1–4) performed by Eve Boltax (viola), Chuck Furlong (bass clarinet), Valerie Thompson (cello), and Morgan Evans-Weiler (violin, sine tones, e-bow guitar). Recorded @ Studio 1.

Piano performed by Emilio Gonzalez (piano) and Morgan Evans-Weiler (sine tones). Recorded @ Clarendon Hill Church, Somerville, Massachusetts.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Morgan Evans-Weiler 2016.



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Morgan Evans-Weiler is a Boston-based artist and performer whose work explores the physical properties of sound, the act of listening, and the experience of place. He creates drawings and scores that contemplate processes of repetition, time, space, and architecture. He directs the ensemble Ordinary Affects and produces the Standing Waves concert series.









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